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    Operation Teams

    Tools to smooth your operations

  • Operation managers need tools that enable them to communicate, standardize, track, measure, and collect insights. Good news, we've built those tools.

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    Track your operations processes

    with JIRA Core

    JIRA Core gives you X-ray vision into your business so you know what’s happening, who’s involved, and most importantly, when it will be done. Hidden blockers are hidden no more.

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    "The biggest benefit of consolidating our platform on Atlassian products has been providing a single point of visibility over our projects. Now we can see what everybody else is doing, and understand each project's status in great detail." — Daniele Farnedi, CTO

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    Publish standards and share documentation

    with Confluence

    Create, publish, share, and maintain operations documents with ease. Have lots of documentation locked in files that are hard to share and update? Adding the file to a Confluence page makes it simple to add context and share with others

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    "People are practicing more knowledge-sharing than ever before, resulting in more transparency and efficiency." — Martin Binder, Business Analyst

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    Halp captures, tracks, and manages Ops requests

    Receiving a flurry of ops request in Slack, MS Teams, and email with no real way to capture or accurately report on your work load? By adding Halp to your teams work platform or instance you capture requests where they start, track their progress, and report on work management data.