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    Marketing Teams

    The marketing journey is perilous. Remove roadblocks with Atlassian.

  • Taking a campaign from concept to launch requires several steps. Atlassian tools help by keeping everyone up-to-date and on pace along the road to success.

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    Get everything set

    Solution: JIRA Core

    The path from inspiration to realization of your marketing initiatives requires organized teamwork. JIRA Core keeps your team informed every step of the way.

    "Our Marketing Operations team coordinates campaigns with many internal stakeholders. With JIRA, our team is able to manage all aspects of the campaign, from development to delivery, and get real-time status updates."
    — Michael Kuhl

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    Bring it all together

    Solution: Confluence

    Confluence is the place where your team and your stakeholders come together to create, organize, and confirm plans. Easily link together data from multiple systems so you can keep content and context in the same place.

    "We are using Confluence and JIRA to build an agile Marketing team" —Ilya Chorny

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