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    Finance Teams

    Tools for modern finance teams

  • Finance professionals choose Atlassian products to manage workflows, communicate in real-time, and share results with consistency and speed.

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    Manage your financial reporting process

    Solution: JIRA Core

    JIRA Core is used by some of the biggest financial firms on the planet to manage all kinds of processes like purchasing or quarterly reporting. JIRA Core allows you to set your process, include all your approvers, and maintain visibility from start to finish.

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    Discuss that spreadsheet

    Solution: Confluence

    Get the discussion about the 3 year CAPEX plan out of email and onto a Confluence page where you can quickly share context and collect comments. Permissions make it trivial to manage access to information, so that M&A document is on lock-down.

    "Unlike email, Confluence creates permanent records that are easy to follow. When you're in a distributed work environment that becomes a big issue." — Jamie Thingelstad, CTO

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