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    Accelerate enterprise innovation

    Connect, accelerate, and scale your entire enterprise

  • Journey to enterprise

    This 200-year old bank is still innovating and changing the way their 50,000 employees think and work.

    Featured enterprise teams

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  • How Atlassian helps enterprise teams

    When you have dozens of teams all working with different schedules, cycles, launches, and architectures it's very easy for leadership, and the larger organization to get out of sync.

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    Agile & DevOps

    Innovate faster through better collaboration, automation, and intelligent workflows.

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    IT service management

    Transform IT to deliver faster and collaborate effortlessly.

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    Work management

    Create, collaborate, and organize all your work in one place.

  • Why enterprises choose Atlassian

    Security and privacy

    Deploy our stack behind your firewall and own your own data. Single sign-on integration, and robust permissions in software.

    Predictable licensing

    All our pricing is available online, no haggling required and we offer SLAs up to three years for long term planning.

    World class support

    We have lots of documentation, training, and 24/7 senior support through Premier Support. Help is always available when it's needed most.


    Atlassian is used in highly regulated industries because of the ability to customize logging and use backups to make snapshots.

    International communication

    Real-time and asynchronous communication is the key to getting teams all over the world together. Our software is ready for the challenge.

    Flexibility and extensibility

    Every product features customization, add-ons, and extensible APIs for custom development.

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