• Assisting our clients in deploying software development tools, service desks, social intranets, wikis, and other business critical solutions, on strategic, tactical and operational levels.


  • Licenses

    JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, HipChat and plugins

    Setting out products up might not be something you want to do yourself. No sweat. We are here to help with the installation and configuration of Atlassian products, and help with migration from any old systems you're using.


    Sometimes you need a little help ironing out the plan.

    Candylio offer a broad range of consulting services to help you define strategy, long and short-term plans, and ways to help your employees adjust to new products and approaches.

    Custom development

    Candylio engineers and product managers are here to help.

    The Atlassian Plugin Exchange features hundreds of plugins for nearly every popular commercial system. But sometimes you need something custom, unique, or specific to your needs.

    Managed Hosting

    Candylio will tailor the system the way you want it, but hosted and managed by you.

    Atlassian offers cloud services, but you may want your own, highly customized system, and don't want to manage it yourself.

    Performance Tuning

    Tuned to your needs, ready for growth and fast as we built it to be.

    We can't predict every situation, and you might have some unique scalability and use requirements you need addressed. Candylio team of Atlassian engineers can help to make sure the system is tuned to your needs, ready for growth and fast as we built it to be.

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