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    Helping teams measure and improve customer satisfaction

    Send the single question survey to your clients and start collecting, analyzing and acting on the invaluable customer feedback

  • Customer Satisfaction for JIRA

    You wouldn’t run your finances without data, so why do you run your team without any?

    Free trial

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    Report Overview

    Real-time insights into your project

    Overview reports are so simple that anyone can understand them.

    Every customer feedback and rating can be drilled down to the ticket level.

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    Easy to setup survey

    Know what your reporters really think.

    Your employees don’t need to remember “another” password to participate


    Customize the email content and branding to improve engagement.

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    Take the Boring out of your IT

    Happy agents = Happy user


    Your team will now have fun while supporting users and you have everything you needs to know about agent performance.

  • You wouldn’t run your finances without data, so why do you run your team without any?

    Free trial

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    Analyzing and acting on customer feedback

    Dashboard and Feedback screens are designed to help you easily follow customer satisfaction trends and identify potential customer experience issues all the way to the ticket level reviewing the full story.

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    Customize the survey for your company with ease

    Send personalized customer satisfaction surveys to easily gather the most useful and valuable customer feedback.

    Control when the surveys are sent with Jira workflow events.

    Slack integration!

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    Boost Customer Satisfaction


    Send a Net Promoter Score® survey to your clients or internal customers.

    They don’t need to login to participate.

    Candylio is a turn-key solution. Simply turn it on, and we'll take care of the rest!

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    Insert a new Prezi macro

    A Prezi presentation can be inserted into a page like any other macros by using the Insert menu or the Macro Browser dialog. You can even preview the presentation in the dialog before actually embed it into the page.

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    Show off your Prezi presentation!


    Once inserted, the Prezi presentation can be started manually or automatically played. The user can also use all other functions such as zoom-in, zoom-out, full screen view, or backward and forward navigation.

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    Nice Image Placeholder in the Editor

    The player can be rendered as an image in the editor for preview and easy editing later on.

  • What customers are saying about us

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    Dover Corporation

    Murali Muddada -Sr. Project Manager at Dover

    We love this Plug-in and i very much appreciate Joseph Huynh for helped me to understand better way w.r.t functionality and also he accepted changes which we have asked Once again appreciate Joseph Huynh for his support

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    Philip Colmer - Director, IT Services

    This is a great add-on if you are interested in CSAT feedback from your customers. The Candylio team respond quickly and positively to feedback and problem reports.

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    Sergey Sukhaninskiy -

    Senior Technical Support Specialist

    Good plugin and best friendly support! =) Thank you very much!